One-to-One Problem Solving Sessions

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"It's never too late to solve an existing problem."

My one-to-one problem-solving sessions are great if you're experiencing challenging behaviour with your dog that you want to resolve. 

Maybe your dog:

  • Pulls on the lead

  • Is afraid of being left alone at home

  • Gets afraid of people, objects or places

  • Regularly gets overexcited or anxious

  • Dislikes being in the car

  • Excessively jumps on you or other people

  • Has destructive behaviour

  • Gets stressed or overexcited when meeting other dogs

  • Doesn't come on recall or doesn't stay when asked


My one-to-one problem-solving sessions are 2 hours long and are completely personalised for you depending on your dog's challenges, needs and age.


We need to know what the root cause of a given challenge is to effectively resolve it.

During every session, we'll have time to thoroughly chat through your dog's background and any challenges you are experiencing with your dog so that I can get as much information as possible. I'll also observe your dog's behaviour and there will be time for us to get to work straight away on resolving any issues you're experiencing.

During the initial session, you'll be advised on and shown what to practice with your dog. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions and we'll decide whether you need a follow-up session.

During my sessions, you'll always be given a lot of useful information on how to keep your dog mentally and physically healthy for your peace of mind and to help prevent future challenges.

During my sessions, I'll always do my best to explain to you the reasons I believe your dog is behaving in a certain way and why the methods I'm proposing for you to work with will be beneficial in improving things.

Sometimes dogs' challenges are related to medical conditions and if I have a suspicion that this may be the case, I'll advise you to have your dog seen by a vet.​​​​​

In my contact form you'll have the opportunity to describe in detail what you need help with.


  • Crieff:

Private sessions take place in Taylor Park.

  • Stirling:

Private sessions take place in Kings Park.

  • Perth:

Private sessions take place in South Inch Park.

*Depending on your availability and where you live, I'm always open to trying to find a time and place that suits you. Get in touch and we can discuss options. 


*All sessions have to be prebooked and paid at the time of booking and are non-refundable.

However, clients can reschedule their session 7 days or more before booked sessions if necessary.

If you're interested in booking one of my private problem-solving sessions, please click the button below and you'll be taken to my contact form.