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Team Bond With Your Dog June 2021

My name is Nikolai and I'm a Swiss-Norwegian Dog Trainer & Behaviourist based in Perthshire, Central Scotland.

My mission is to empower dog owners by providing them with the most up-to-date, research-backed, positive and humane dog training methods so they can understand and communicate more effectively with their dogs.

As an animal lover, I care about the wellbeing of dogs and believe that dog training is about far more than obedience.

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"I was very impressed and I think both Mac and myself really learned a lot in our session, Nikolai was very friendly and put me at ease even when he had to correct me and Mac has been calming day by day . Thank you very much for your help and I won’t hesitate to get in touch if I need further help."

Lorraine F (Perth)

How My Dog Training Methods Can Help You

As a dog trainer and behaviourist, I'm here to help you understand and improve your dog's challenging behaviour. I use positive reinforcement methods that have been proven to be the most effective and humane way of training dogs. This also helps to strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Since every case is different, all of my dog training sessions are personalised depending on your specific circumstances and the challenges you may be experiencing.


  • Pulls on the lead​

  • Doesn't come on recall or doesn't stay when asked

  • Is afraid of being left alone at home

  • Gets afraid of objects or places

  • Regularly gets overexcited or anxious

  • Gets stressed or overexcited when meeting other dogs

  • Shows signs of fear or aggression towards people

  • Shows signs of fear or aggression towards other dogs

  • Dislikes being in the car

  • Excessively jumps on you or other people

  • Has destructive behaviour​

I can also help you if you have just got or are getting a new puppy and want to make sure you give them the best start.

PowerPoint presentation about how dogs learn.

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