One-to-One Puppy Package

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My puppy package is great if you are getting or already have a new puppy and want to give them the very best start in life. 

Most of the challenges I see in adult dogs are born when the dog was still a puppy and are what is called "learned behaviour."
Prevention is, therefore, the most effective dog training method.

Having some fundamental knowledge on how to interact and communicate with your puppy and about their needs will help you to have a happy and healthy dog from the start and could help to spare you a lot of future issues.

If you decide to purchase my Puppy Package, I strongly recommend doing the theory session before your puppy arrives. 

Included in My Puppy Package:


During our theory session we'll go through several PowerPoint presentations which cover the following topics:

  • How dogs learn

  • How to communicate with dogs

  • The basics of positive dog training and why it's the only method that really works

  • What to do if your puppy is adopting bad habits

  • The importance of socialisation and how to do it in the most effective way

  • How to keep your dog mentally and physically healthy.

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Our 2-hour theory session will give you a greater understanding of what we'll do in our remaining practical sessions.



During our first two-hour practical session we'll:

  • Put all of the above topics into practice

  • Do walking on the lead training

  • Practice recall training

  • Talk about any challenges you might have experienced since we last met and I'll give you advice on how to resolve them.



In our second two-hour practical session we'll:

  • Revise/refresh walking on the lead training and recall so you feel comfortable and clear that you`re doing it right.

  • Talk about any further challenges you might have experienced since we last met and I'll give you advice on how to resolve them. 

Where Puppy Sessions Take Place


Our first two-hour theory session can take place at your home or at a café of your choice. 

Our two-hour practical session will usually take place in:​​

  • Crieff:

Private sessions take place in Taylor Park.

  • Perth:

Private sessions take place in South or North Inch Park.

  • Stirling:

Private sessions take place in Kings Park.

  • Edinburgh:

Private sessions take place in Inverleith or Holyrood Park


  • Glasgow:

Private sessions take place in Kelvingrove Park.

  • Dundee:

Private sessions take place in Baxter Park.​​

* Depending on your availability and where you live, I'm always open to trying to find a time and place that suits you. Get in touch and we can discuss options.



The price for the Puppy Package starts at £210, depending on where you live.

Please note that all sessions have to be prebooked and paid at the time of booking and are non-refundable.

However, clients can reschedule their session 7 days or more before booked sessions if necessary.​

If you're interested in booking my puppy package, please click the button below and you'll be taken to my contact form where you can get in touch.