What’s your dog’s favourite word?

Updated: May 27, 2018

Having dogs really is like having toddlers around the house, isn’t it?

Closing doors firmly behind us if we don’t want them to scamper through and explore where we've been, trying to keep them out of cupboards, showering them after they’ve been having fun getting muddy and tramping (or rolling) in something that smells disgusting, making sure their meal times are strictly observed or else they get irritable, and moving wastepaper baskets out of reach so their contents aren’t strewn everywhere (or eaten)...

We even have to watch the words we use carefully in case they pick up on what we’re saying and leap up, expecting action or a tasty snack!

With our cocker spaniels, Liza and Luna around, we have to be careful about using the ’f’ word - fish. The ’c’ word - carrot. The ’d’ word - dinner. The ’o’ word - outside. And the ’t’ word – treat.

Accidentally use a combination of any of these words together and all hell breaks loose!

What’s your dog’s favourite word?

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