Naturally nutritious food = healthy, happy dogs

Updated: May 28, 2018

There’s just no denying it… our dogs, Liza and Luna, love carrots!

To think that we used to spend a fortune on processed, packaged treats is crazy really when they’re so much happier with the crunchy sweetness of a fresh and healthy piece of carrot.

We’re a couple who are very conscious of eating healthily (mostly!) and we feel the same is important for our dogs. Obviously, no dog (or human) can live on only carrots, so we try to give them the best of what’s out there and top it up with healthy and nutritious treats from our kitchen - apples, carrots and sweet potatoes.

For meals, Liza and Luna eat Orijen which is a brand of natural, grain-free biscuits from Canada. Yes, they’re processed (how could biscuits not be?), however they contain all natural ingredients, no preservatives, and only one supplement: zinc.

(Side note: I’m in no way affiliated with Orijen, I just love their products!)

The Energy ’Test’

Always wanting to do the best for our dogs, a number of months ago, we decided to switch Liza and Luna to a different brand of biscuit - supposedly top quality, too. We were surprised at how quickly we noticed a dip in their energy. They no longer spent so much time play-fighting in the garden and, altogether, just seemed more lethargic.

Needless to say, we quickly switched them back to Orijen and within a couple of days they were on top form again! The difference was really quite amazing to us.

Makes complete sense, though…

There’s so much junk food out there which is causing both humans and dogs so many problems – low quality, highly processed grains, cheap meat from animals who suffer being reared in cramped and pitiful conditions and that are pumped with antibiotics to stop them getting sick, artificial chemicals, preservatives, flavourings, genetically modified ingredients, etc. ..

Increasingly, there seems to be so much crap ’food’ on the market containing so little nutrition! As a society, we eat far more than ever before, and yet so many of us are deficient in vital, health-giving nutrients.

Here’s the thing: healthy, natural foods do far more than filling our tummies and giving us energy…

Nutritious food gives us energy, yes. But it also provides us with the right nutrients to help the body prevent inflammation, stave off infection, and heal more quickly and effectively. When we eat junk food, we risk setting ourselves up for numerous potential health problems - and why would it be different for dogs or any other animal?

The food we eat also has an impact on our mood because mind and body are linked. Poor nutrition = poor wellbeing, mind and body. It’s essential that we feed ourselves (and our dogs) with the good, health-giving stuff.

Reading Between the Lines

People are increasingly health-conscious and manufacturers are increasingly savvy in their marketing…

There seem to be an increasing number of products on the shelves (both human and dog ’food’) claiming to be ”natural” that, when you investigate further, are so highly processed and removed from nature that it’d be laughable, if it wasn’t so infuriating!

We need to read between the lines and scratch below the surface of all the bold claims (you know, the ones that scream ”natural” in your face) and read right to the small print:

What does this product actually contain?

Are these ingredients actually good for my dog?

Why do we mess so much with nature when it does such a great job of providing us with everything we need?

I personally believe it makes sense to eat more natural foods ourselves and to provide our dogs with natural foods, too. Returning to more naturally produced foods is a great way of having peace of mind that you’re doing the best you can, not only for your own wellbeing, but also for the wellbeing of your dog.

We deserve our best shot at a long, healthy and happy life and I’m sure dog lovers would agree that our dogs do, too!

*NB Some foods that humans consume are poisonous for dogs so please do check before giving them something you're not sure about.


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