How I Can Help You with Dog Training

My mission as a dog trainer is to empower dog owners by providing them with the most up-to-date, research-supported, positive & humane methods so that they can understand and communicate more effectively with their dogs.


By doing so this effects:


  • A greater understanding of dog behaviour and their needs

  • Effective communication between owners and dogs

  • Greater ease of training (in the best interests of both)

  • Mutual respect

  • A strong and healthy bond between both

  • More mentally and physically healthy dogs

  • Owners and dogs living a more harmonious, happy and healthy life together.

By seeing the world through our dog's eyes, we can help them better adapt to our way of living, and us to theirs.


"Just finished first session with Nikolai and can't thank him enough. First time Buddy has gone further than the front door in the evening in months. Will definitely be back in touch with him once he is more relaxed in going out. Would highly recommend Nikolai to anyone who has issues with their dog. He has a calming effect on a really stressful border collie and owner."

Jackie G (Crieff)



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