About Me

My mission is to empower dog owners by providing them with the most up-to-date, research-backed, positive & humane methods so that they can understand and communicate more effectively with their dogs.

I care about the wellbeing of dogs and believe that dog training is about far more than obedience.

My Background

I was born in Oslo, Norway, and since then I've moved between Norway and Lugano in Switzerland before finally settling down here in Glen Lednock close to Comrie.


My main interests besides the relationship between humans and dogs are hiking in the hills, bird watching and fly-fishing.


I live here with Rachel, my Scottish fiancèe and our two much-loved English Cocker Spaniels, Liza and her daughter Luna, who moved over from Norway with us.


We are both animal and dog lovers and we treat our dogs as family. Together we share a love of wildlife and nature, and can easily spend hours watching red squirrels and birds in our garden.


My career with dogs started in 1998 when I worked as a volunteer in a rescue centre for dogs in Switzerland.

When I moved back to Norway in 2002, I bought a farm and opened my own boarding kennel for dogs.


During that time, as well as cross-country skiing and hillwalking, dog training and behaviour became one of my biggest passions and I spent a lot of time reading, researching, and taking courses to learn more about it.

One course I learned a lot from was Lisbeth Borg de Waard's International Dog Trainer School.

Other courses frustrated me at times as I realised how many different methods of dog training were out there that I didn't always agree with.

After discovering that many of the methods taught are not scientifically proven and certainly not always in the dogs' best interests, I decided to concentrate on scientifically proven research theories. Thankfully I could resonate with them as they show that our dogs are in fact more emotionally bonded to us than many of us think.


During the 12 years I ran the boarding kennel in Norway I had the pleasure of helping quite a few clients and their dogs. But it wasn't before I sold my farm in Norway and moved over to Scotland that I decided to make dog training and behaviour my profession, focusing on helping owners improve their relationship and ability to communicate more effectively with their dogs.

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